Beautiful day in the neighborhood.

on Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Spring is FINALLY here! Yeah! Over the weekend was rainy, and cold. Today, sunny, and 72 F, go figure.

Yesterday was a bank holiday here in Italy, Liberation Day, 60th anniversary of being "liberated" from fascism and Benito Mussolini. I guess his granddaughter, Alessandra Mussolini is trying to get into or is IN politics, not sure which party she's affiliated. All I know is she's a right-winger. There are so MANY political parties in Italy. Some of my students have told me even for an Italian it's hard to keep track of how many political parties there are. They're broken down into three parts: Left, Center, and Right. Then they're broken down again into Center Right, Right etc. etc. Even a specific political party can be broken down into many smaller groups. For example, Forza Italia (don't know what side of the tracks they're on), is broken down into several smaller parties.

Nothing moves fast in Italy, ok minus the traffic on the highway (autostrada in Italian). For example, this morning I had to go to the grocery store, the doctor for a prescription, post office and the pharmacy. By the time all was said and done, took me three hours, including unloading the my car, which was parked a block and half away from my house, since the owner of our condo is tearing up the parking lot to repair the ceiling of the underground parking. That is SUPPOSED to be finished by Saturday. I'm not holding my breath, would suffocate waiting. All this, and I STILL have to go to the bank. That'll have to wait, since my bank is in Milan and it's a 40 minute train ride one way, and my bank is only open in the morning. I'll probably just go next week, after getting paid, make the trip more worth while. Plus I have to go to a bookstore, Messaggerie Musicali, to see if they have a certain book in English. This bookstore is a little spendy, but at least they have a somewhat decent selection of books in English.

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