Why am I here?

on Friday, April 22, 2005

Why am I in Italy you ask? Well, my husband, Luca, is Italian 100%. He was born and raised in the area, self-employed and was easier at the time for me to move here than vice-versa. We met while I was here on vacation October 2001, and were married April 28, 2002. Less than two weeks later, I was here in Italy.

The first three months or so were a bit of a whirlwind, getting enrolled in this that and the other, the normal things when one moves to a different place, let alone another country. Yes, I was homesick, spent many a night crying, wondering why the hell I moved. I love my husband dearly, I don't regret marrying him for one moment. To this day I still sometimes wonder WHY I moved instead of the other way around, of Luca moving to the States. I can say it has been an experience living here, and can always say "I lived in Italy".

We're planning on moving back to the States in the near future, since we're BOTH getting sick of living here. We each have different reasons for being tired of the shit here, but at least agree on moving to the States. For Luca a lot of it has to do with the political and economic situation here at the moment, for me it's the mentality, way of life, etc. I realize that nowhere is perfect, but at least in some places it's better than others.

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Larry said...

Hi from an American who has been living in Denmark for 35 yeras and is now dreaming of a little Italian Casa by the sea.
You were so positive to start with - now you talk about wanting to go back to the States and of being "sick of the mentality, way of life,etc.".
Why? I wonder.