House/Dog Sitting

on Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's been a few days since I've written anything, first not much new, second we're house/dog sitting while my in-law's are on a three week vacation to the Canary Islands. I'll be glad when they get back, hate living between two places. At least they don't live very far from us, about a mile.

My husband mentioned on Friday about starting to work on the business plan for our hopeful project we want to start in Galveston, Texas, MAYBE within the next week or so. Of course I'm going to keep after him until he gets it done. Would like to move back to the States within the next twelve months or so. Just need to get the business plan done, find fundage (there may be a ray of hope there, yeah!) etc., plus am waiting for my Italian citizenship to come through. Should have that hopefully by Halloween of this year.

Since my husband is Italian, I'm eligible for Italian citizenship, and without losing my American citizenship, so I'll be able to have two passports. After being married to an Italian and living in Italy for six months, or three years living abroad, one can apply for Italian citizenship. I had to submit a pile of documents literally half an inch thick, mainly due to all of the photocopies required. Only needed 3 documents from the States; my birth certificate, criminal record from the State of South Dakota, and also my criminal record from the F.B.I. Also had to include a few documents from Italy, and five million photocopies of everything. Turned in my stack of a "couple of trees from the Amazon forest" on Halloween 2003, and was told within two years I should have the Italian citizenship. Last October, had to have an interview at the local police station, basically to verify first that I could speak at least some Italian, if we owned or rented our apartment, my occupation, have my passport "analyzed", basically explaining every single frickin stamp in my passport. Now it's playing the usual waiting game, as like everything else here.

I'm really excited at the possibility of moving back to the United States. I've mentioned before, my hubby would like to maybe move to the Galveston, Tx area. For me it's not really important where (ok, maybe not out in the middle of nowhere, a big city or California). The excitement of getting back to a way of life I'm more accustomed to, different mentality.

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