Heatwave in Italy

on Thursday, June 30, 2005

We've been having a HEATWAVE here in Italy, at least in the northern part. As of yesterday, 18 people, mainly elderly people have died because of the heat. Highs have been in the upper 90's, close to 100, with high humidity. I know this may not seem to be a serious problem for some people, but consider here many people do not have air conditioning. First the air conditioning units are expensive, not as expensive as a couple of years ago, but still spendy. Second, electricity is OUTRAGEOUS. For example, our electric bill has been averaging about $80, for two months, and the only big appliances we have are the dish washer, small apartment size washing machine and a chest freezer in the garage. I didn't even pay that much in the States, and that's having all electric applicances, dish washer, stove, huge microwave, a/c and the heater for my water bed. Electricity here usually comes from France and Switzerland. In 2003 when there was a heatwave ALL summer with temps around 100, ALL SUMMER, at one point one Sunday night, the entire country experienced a 5 hour blackout. I think the only place that didn't have a blackout was either Sicily or Sardegna.

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Ryuu said...

Hello! I'm a Japanese university student. I was shocked to know that 18 people had died because of heatwave. In Japan, it's getting hotter recently due to the global warming. And some elderly people have died because of hot weather. I think this problem will become a big concern all over the world. We should take an action to prevent further harm.