Colon Cancer

on Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My dad had some tests done yesterday, confirming that he does have colon cancer. At this point in time the doctor is giving him 4-8 months to live. Could be more, could be less, especially due to the fact of his advanced stages of Parkinson's. At the moment he's not in any pain, which is a good thing. Don't know how long that will last though. So I will be heading to the States at the end of August. Since the majority of shops close for August in Italy, and everyone is on vacation, makes finding a flight out at a reasonable price impossible. Once I get back will have to find a job/car etc., since I'm going to be there awhile.

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aNNabaNAna said...

i just came across your blog through blogwise. sorry to hear about your dad, it's sweet of you to hit back the states to keep your dad and family a company. i bet that would mean a lot to them.

best of luck!!

christina said...

I just found your blog a short time ago too, Ann. So sorry about your dad. It must be awfully hard for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to have just found your blog, then I read this horrible story. Best of luck to your father and family. I'm sure they will be so happy that you will be there.

rowena said...

Hi Ann! Came across your blog through Globe of Blogs. I'm sorry to hear the news about your father. I can only imagine how much more stressful it is for you being that you are living here in Italy.

I'm an American living here too (Lecco), married to an italian (computer tech). A lot of your previous posts...ha!, I can relate to so much! Making friends, mother-in-law, all that stuff, it gets unnerving at times but eh, oh well.

Take care and have a safe trip back to the states!

Phippogriff said...

Hi Ann, my elder brother is suffering from cancer too and I know how it is to live with that for the whole family.
Keep faith and things will work out as almighty wishes.

Ann said...

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.

Toosinbeymen said...

Hi Ann -

Sorry to hear about your dad. I went thru something similar when my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I had promised years earlier that if anything like this happens, I'd be there for both my parents. So I came home 7 or 8 times for up to 3 months each time until she finally passed away. I'm so glad I did even though it took a big chunck of time out of my life.

She didn't want to go and stay in a hospital and wanted hospice at home. It didn't make it easier for her or us but it was worth it none the less.

I hope your father gets better and your experience is better than mine. Not that mine was bad, it's just a tough thing to go through.


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