1991 Ford Thunderbird

on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My 1991 Ford Thunderbird that I have in the United States. I paid $600 for it, ended up having to put in new tie rods and some other front end work that cost $750. I paid more for the front end work than I actually paid for the car. There are some small rust spots, needs covers for the front turn signals, needs a new serpentine belt, the mechanical seat belts do not work, nor does the cruise control, radio or antenna. Currently is parked at a friend's house near Parker, South Dakota.
*** Update July 17th 2008 - My offer still stands if you are interested in buying my 1991 Ford Thunderbird. Post a comment with your email address and with your offer and I will respond back.

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Brake Pads said...

I just can't believe that model was made in 1991, it looks like a mid-1990s model. Ford's cars are very cool and stylish