Italian Courts

on Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Italian Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a man who forced his 14 year old step-daughter to have oral sex with him after she refused to have sexual intercourse with him. He's been sentenced to three years and four months jail time, has appealed saying that since she not a virgin and this should have been taken into consideration during his trial. Of course (sarcisim) the Supreme Court agreed, saying that the step-daughter's personality from a sexual point of view is much more developed.

It doesn't matter if she was a virgin or not, she was still violated, forced to do something she did not want to do. No means no. What kind of society is this? One that brags that "Women rule", when in fact seems that the men do, trying to control everything and that women are made to be second-class citizens, if that, and are here for the pleasure of men. Here also how one looks is oh so important, especially the women. For what reason, other than for a man to "show off" that he has a beautiful woman draped over his arm? What kind of logic/thinking is this?

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