Italians don't like Italy anymore

on Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another article posted in the last couple of days, this time in the Corriere della Sera, about how one in three Italians want to move to another country, dissatisfied with their own country. Not only has it lost its lusture as a vacation destination, it's lost its appeal even for it's own citizens. The majority of the people wanting to leave are from the northeastern part and southern part of Italy. Whereas people from Sicily and Sardinia, where "roots" are stronger, only 34.4% had an interest of moving abroad.

If so many Italians want to leave the country, why isn't anything done to try to keep people here. I know that nothing can be done overnight, that would be expecting the impossible. Almost 55% of the repsondents of an Eurispes Survey were between the ages of 18 and 24. There just aren't the opportunities here anymore, compared to say twenty years ago. A career that is more suited to the individual and also better pay.

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Tracie B. said...

here in the south it is horrendously difficult to find a wage that would allow anyone to move out of mamma's house. everything has loooong hours and paltry, insulting pay.

Ann said...

I've heard the same thing up here in the northern part also, but i worse in your neck of the woods. That and higher unemployment in the southern part of Italy.

franca said...

Hello Ann and Tracie.

My fiance lives in Puglia and he can only find seasonal work. Life would be wonderful where he is, if he had more permanent work. He doesn't really want to leave Italy, but he will and come here to NJ. We'll try it out here and hopefully it will all work out for the best.

Ann, are you planning on coming back to the States?

Tracie, have you been able to find work in Napoli?

Good luck to you both.

Tracie B. said...

hi franca, we have always been on the self-emloyment route. after closing our business in ischia, we plan to head north to try our hands at running a bed and breakfast. who can live on 1000 euro a month working all day 6 days a week? and that's a good wage...