My 1991 Ford Thunderbird

on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Front view of my 1991 Ford Thunderbird in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that is parked at a friend's house near Parker, South Dakota. Since I have returned to Italy, my friend's son took the car out and accidently hit a deer so there now is some front end damage, to what extent I do not know. If and when this car is totally fixed up, would be a good running car. For the three months I drove it, minus the tie rods, I had no real problems with it. Always started. The Check Engine, Door Ajar and Seat Belt lights are always on. I can imagine once the seat belts are fixed that the Seat Belt light would turn off. One day while at the grocery store, I ran into the previous owner, she said while she had the car, she was hit on the passenger side, between the door and front quarter panel. I will consider selling the car for the right price and to the right person. If you're into restoring cars, especially Ford Thunderbirds....
*** Update July 17th 2008 - My offer still stands if you are interested in buying my 1991 Ford Thunderbird. Post a comment with your email address and with your offer and I will respond back.

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