Business Plan

on Friday, March 10, 2006

Ok I have been kind of a slacker this week and haven't blogged anything. This week have had to catch up on some housework that I've been rather lazy in doing, working on a business plan for a project my husband and I hope to fulfill within the next year in the United States. Waiting for some numbers from a potential partner, then can put the final numbers together. I've been working on this project for two years now, and am tired of waiting for nothing. So I've started mentioning this to my husband, riding his back side, along with keeping tabs on the partner who's supposed to be getting information, asking if he needs any information, what he's been able to find out etc. I've also added a Make Donations button on the right hand side of my blog, if anyone wishes to make a donation towards this project, would be greatly appreciated. Right now, estimated costs for this project is at least $300,000, plus the expenses of moving to the United States. My husband and I both are sick of living in Italy, and believe this business we plan to open has great potential. There are several of these types of shops already open in the States, but the market is FAR from saturated. Actually many geographic areas of the States aren't even touched, which need to be. The other reasons we want to open this business in the States versus Italy is that first is easier to open a business there, the market for this type of business is far from saturated whereas here in Italy is just the opposite. Help us realize our dream project by clicking on the Make a Donation button on the right hand side! Any contribution amount would greatly be appreciated!

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Tracie B. said...

hey ann, gennaro and i are going through the same decision-making process. i want to stay in italy, but going to texas is not out of the question. we say an apartment for 650,000 in venice, that with 30,000 euro worth of work, could be a bandb. yikes!

good luck! and keep us posted...i want to know the secret identity of this new business, that is course, when you are ready to reveal it!