Dental Implants

on Monday, April 10, 2006

I broke one of my front bottom teeth over the weekend. That makes two in less than six months. The other was while I was in the States, one of my canine teeth started to crack, then when less than a month after returning to Italy, broke completely. This canine tooth I had a root canal done on two years ago, here in Italy. The dentist that did the root canal said I don’t know how many times how poor of a job American dentists do. Had the canine tooth pulled, went to a public dentist, so the public health care system paid for everything except for 10 Euro. Italy is a welfare country, meaning the health care system is public, everyone is covered. One can go to a private doctor/dentist but have to pay the full amount. If a person wants to go to a public dentist, there is usually a long waiting list to get in. Unless you know someone/have connections. My father-in-law is a retired cardiologist/director of one of the hospitals in the area, so if I need to get in to see the dentist like ASAP, not a problem.

Anyways, back to my now two broken teeth. Now I have to go to the dentist to get the second tooth pulled, then wait for my jaw and gums to heal, and have two dental implants put in. Getting the second tooth pulled, ok no problem, no fear as far as pain etc. I am kind of nervous about getting the dental implants put in though. The thought of having screws put into my jaw is kind of nerve wracking. But as long as the end result is I have two new “teeth” and am able to smile and eat with more confidence, then it’s worth the pain and effort of having the dental implants put in. My biggest stress/worry is the price tag. The current dentist I am going to, is a private dentist, so any work done is not covered by the health system. Each dental implant is going to cost about 1,400 Euro, so about $1,680. So not only a pain in the mouth, but also to the pocket book. I can pay part of the first dental implant, but the second one, need help. Please contribute using the button on the side marked Dental Implant Fund. Once both implants are done, which have read can take from 3-6 months from start to finish. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and will make sure to post a photo of my “new teeth” once completed, for those who contribute.

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Italian Elections

on Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tomorrow and Monday elections are being held here in Italy, for parliament and the next Prime Minister. Running is current Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his opponent from the Center-Left party is Romano Prodi. I am glad this political campaign is coming to an end. I am sick and tired of hearing the mud slinging. No matter where you go, there is going to be mud slinging, whether it is here in Italy, America or wherever else. But please people, grow up. The Italian economy is in a current state of disaster, and isn’t improved within the next two years, the E.U. is threatening to revoke Italy from using the Euro, and would be back to using the Lire. Have heard many people complaining that since the Euro was introduced, prices for everything have literally doubled, but wages stayed the same. That Italy was better off with the Lire. Seems neither Berlusconi nor Prodi have mentioned anything about trying to get Italy back on track about the economy. Neither one really mentioning what they can/plan to do for Italy and its people. But focusing on what the other person has or has not done. According to one of Italy’s top telephone lines, Italians in their thirties are less optimistic, especially when it comes to the work situation. Imagine living in Rome, making 1,000 Euro a month, and trying to put a roof over your head, put meat/pasta on the table for not only yourself, but maybe a family of three. Not gonna happen. Does Berlusconi or Prodi really care? Doesn’t seem that way. Especially since it doesn’t effect them, since their salaries are the highest in Europe, at about 12,435 A MONTH.

In my opinion, Italians are pretty good at all talk and no or very little action. They can talk the talk but have a hard time walking the talk. If they feel things are so bad here, either DO something about it or leave. If they can’t stand the heat of the oven, get out of the kitchen.

Thinking about this drives me crazy, now NEED to have a coffee and a cigarette.

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127' Crescent Tri-Deck Motoryacht

on Saturday, April 01, 2006

This beautiful 127' Crescent Tri-Deck Motoryacht is for sale, found on Yacht World. Yes I am a dreamer, wouldn't mind owning this beauty. I admit, I have champagne tastes on a cheap beer budget. Hey, it doesn't cost anything to dream now does it?!?!

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