127' Crescent Tri-Deck Motoryacht

on Saturday, April 01, 2006

This beautiful 127' Crescent Tri-Deck Motoryacht is for sale, found on Yacht World. Yes I am a dreamer, wouldn't mind owning this beauty. I admit, I have champagne tastes on a cheap beer budget. Hey, it doesn't cost anything to dream now does it?!?!

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Noala said...

Wow, now *that's* a boat!

Surfed in via BlogMad

MeatEater said...

I like yachts too!

Surge84 said...

I've always wanted a yaht but I'll never be able to afford one.

Ann said...

Same here, but never hurts to dream!

Meateater - congrats on your license! Good luck when you start for Italian citizenship!

www.PremiumPowerSports.com said...

Great looking boat. Kepp up the great blogging.
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