Blogcharm is down

on Monday, December 11, 2006

Since BlogCharm has been down since at least yesterday, I have decided to post on my "old" blog. I am seriously thinking of switching back to this blog, if BlogCharm continues to have issues.

Yesterday morning my husband and I got back from Marsa Alam, Egypt. We had a good time, even if we did stay at an Italian resort. I say this because we went on vacation, OUTSIDE of Italy, and stay at an ITALIAN resort, with other ITALIANS. Sorry but I want to hang out with my husband and the locals, not people from the country I left for a week. When I still living in the States, and when I went to Japan six years ago, I hung out with my Japanese friends for ten days, not Americans.

Now that we're pretty much back to "reality", laundry almost caught up, grocery store this afternoon sometime, English lessons prepared for the next two weeks, can now concentrate again on my attempt to continue writing Fresh Breezes, look for a job maybe up in the U.K., and continue to look for a gelataio/gelato artisian in the States.

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