on Thursday, April 12, 2007

I HAD been back to posting on my other blog, until BlogCharm/BlogExplosion decided to change servers, and I along with any other blogger who uses BlogCharm, have been unable to post, make changes to my template etc. The only thing that can be done is post comments. This is at least the 2nd or third time that this has happened in six months and it is really starting to get on my nerves. Va beh.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I am still looking for jobs in Canada for my husband, to no avail. Have not had a positive response yet, aka an interview, in two months. I know should not expect anything to happen overnight, but can be frustrating. Especially since we would have liked to move like yesterday. So we talked a bit last night, I am going to start looking for work for me up in Scotland, maybe around Glasgow for the time being. Then my husband will join me there, and I would continue to look for work for him in Canada. I think Canada may be next to impossible, but have to try. I am looking for a Computer Technician position for my husband, and if this position deals with Macintosh, the better since that is what he specializes in.

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Kataroma said...

Are you in Italy or are you in Canada? My experience has always been that it's impossible to get a job until you are actually in the place where you are looking for work. People want to know that you are available immediately, committed to that city and they want to meet you face to face.

So if I were you I'd move to wherever you want to live and then start networking like crazy.

Ann said...

We are in Italy. I know is VERY difficult, but feel not impossible.

Since neither my husband nor I are Canadian, makes the job hunt even more difficult. Since we are not Canadian citizens, we are unable to just "up and move" to Canada without visas etc.

ErinOrtlund said...

Hi! Found your blog after you linked to me. Great idea to check out expat blogs! Looks lik eyou have an interesting life in Italy.

Have you see the website LoonLounge--it's meant for people who want to immigrate to Canada.

We came here on my husband's work permit. But another idea is to apply for permanent residency from where you are and then move to Canada. It takes a while, but I believe the provincial nomination programs are faster. Do you have a province in mind? Let me know if you have questions at e k ortlun d at juno dot com. Thanks! Erin

Ann said...

Erin, no I haven't seen thewebsite LoonLounge, will check that out this afternoon.

We're hoping to go the Provincial Nominee route, would love British Columbia or Alberta, especially along the Rocky Mountains. The other half wants to be sure he has work secured before even thinking about starting the paperwork for permanent residency. I honestly really don't blame him. Don't want to "up sticks" and not have a job waiting on the other side.