on Friday, December 28, 2007

Since my other blog has now bit the dust, and if you haven't followed along or have just stumbled across me for the first time, let me get you up to speed on things.

I'm originally from South Dakota USA, married to an Italian and have been living in Italy since May 2002. I obtained Italian citizenship in September 2006 after an almost 3 year wait when I was told it would only take two years. I haven't been back to the States since 2005 when my father passed away. First in part due to seems every year becomes more and more expensive to go and second I fear that if I go, I may not come back to Italy.

What else is new? Well, my husband and I HAD hoped on opening a gelateria (Italian ice cream shop) in Galveston, Texas but those plans fell through after the guy that was going to go in on this project backed out in not so many words. Actually no words. We pretty much had the business plan almost done, just needed some information from him which he kept putting off finding out. Two weeks became a month and so on. So needless to say my opinion of this guy isn't very high, unless it was his wife who was behind all of this, which wouldn't surprise me any.

My husband and I hope to one day move to Canada. No specific place in mind, anywhere that can find a job that will sponsor the visa necessary in order to move, through the Provincial Nominee Program. My husband is a computer technician with 13 years experience, working with both Macintosh and Windows OS. I have 12 years experience in customer service, 6 years waitressing and 4 years teaching English as a second language. I have been off and on looking for jobs, but has been difficult due to many employers being rather hesitant about hiring someone from abroad. I have put job hunting on hold for the moment in hopes we can save up some serious cash in order to move. HOPEFULLY we'll be able to do it. Neither one of us want to spend the rest of our lives here in Italy. Our motives for wanting to leave Italy and move to Canada, next post. So keep checking back!

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Ed said...

What don't you like about Italy and why do you think it will be better in Canada?
Grace and Peace,

Ann said...

We (my husband also, and he's Italian) do not like the close-minded mentality, the politicians that do not work, the racism, the mentality of "who" you know in order to get things done. The lack of work, HIGH cost of living and low wages.

Why Canada? My husband refuses to move to the States, we want to move to an English speaking country with a public health care system. A country with wide open spaces outside of Europe, and so we decided on Canada.

We realize that there is no such thing as a perfect country. Also, one man's paradise is a another person's hell.

Ann said...
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Erik said...

We, too, are moving to Canada. We live in the states and can't continue to contribute to a government that does such heinous things in our name.

Don't know if life will be easier for us there, but we won't have a problem looking ourselves in the mirror each morning.

Ann said...

Totally hear ya there Erik. Have you guys started the paperwork process to move?

There are many times that I am ashamed to say that I am American. For the most part Italians do not have any problems with Americans, but they question the government. Typical question is "What do you think of Bush?" My response, no I do not like Bush, no I did not vote for him, either time.

To think that the government is spending billions of taxpayer dollars (that isn't even worth anything anymore) on the war in Iraq etc. when that money could be used on the homefront.

At the same time Italy isn't much better. I've been here almost six years now, and the government has "fallen" twice. There are twice as many politicians in Rome then there are in Washington DC, for a population of 60 million.