Scopello Italy

on Sunday, January 27, 2008

Last Sunday we went for lunch with a couple of friends in the region of Piedmont, in Valsesia, in a little village called Scopello. We ate at this particular agriturismo once before in July, was absolutely delicious and inexpensive, especially for Italian standards. Usually one can spend up towards 30 euros per person at an agriturismo. At this particular agriturismo, 18 euros a head. It was a gorgeous day in Valsesia, the sun was out, the air crisp and cool.

Last Sunday was our first road trip with our new car, our 2001 Renault Scenic. So far I really like it, I like it better than our old car, the 1995 Ford Mondeo. Like our Mondeo, our Scenic is also an automatic.

Shortly after lunch, we received a phone call from my husband's mother. Their 15 year old dog collapsed after being taken out to do her duties. The poor dog had a brain hemorrhage and passed away shortly after. She will be sorely missed.

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cars sell said...

The 2001 renault scenic is truly a nice car. It has a nice feel of the road and a fairly nice mileage. The only thing that I dislike about it is its driver and rear passenger seat. I'm kind of a big guy so whenever I would drive a car that small, the passenger on my back would have small or no space for leg room at all

Ann said...

You must be really tall! Especially since the Scenic is pretty roomy. I know it's not the "American" size mini-van or SUV, but serves our needs, isn't a gas hog and is relatively easy to park on Italian streets.

longge said...
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