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on Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In May 2007 I had the pleasure of going up to visit a friend of mine that lives near Glasgow Scotland for one week. A wonderful relaxing time was had by all. Flew from Bergamo on Ryanair to Glasgow Prestwick for less than $60 round trip. We visited some sites outside of Glasgow, including the quaint town of Paisley. Seen the Paisley Abbey which dates back to the 12th century. Also seen the exterior of the Paisley factory, home of the famous Paisley print. One day we went to Loch Lommond (Loch is Scottish for Lake) and the small village of Luss. There is a beautiful small church there in Luss, Luss Parish Church. Unfortunately we were unable to visit that day due to a wedding that was scheduled, but we were invited by a member of the wedding party! No we did not go to the wedding. It is said that many famous people have been married at Luss Parish Church.

For the most part the weather while I was in Scotland was pleasant, with the minor occasional sprinkle of rain. Except one day when we went to visit the cottage of Robert Burns, the Scottish author of Auld Lang Syne, in Alloway Scotland. That morning it rained cats and dogs then by afternoon was cloudy.

We only spent a couple of hours in downtown Glasgow, enough to do a little window shopping, have a coffee and lunch. Oh also took advantage of being able to buy a book in English at a REASONABLE price. Here in Italy the selection of books in English is fairly limited. I have to go to Milan in order to get them.

While I was there even had a Reiki session. Reiki is a "spiritual" practice, for the treatment of physical, mental and emotional problems, in a nutshell. I don't remember all what the gal told me, except that I basically keep to myself, have built a tower around to try to stay safe. Also that she seen that my mother and I have really never been close, basically no love felt from my mom. She envisioned Paris France, that I for some reason NEED to visit Paris. That something good will come from the visit (my impression). I would like to one day visit Paris, before if/when my husband and I move to Canada.

Note to whomever is searching on Google with my username of Amborg and Blogspot to arrive at my blog, why not just subscribe to my blog, either via email or in a reader then you will know when my blog is updated?!? Save yourself some time knowing when my blog is updated.

On a different note, I may not be posting much these days due to planning a trip to the United States in February. I will be in the States for sixteen days next month, on a work/pleasure trip. I am really looking forward to this work vacation. Especially the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures.

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J.Doe said...

I hope you have a nice trip in the US.

Ann said...

Thanks J.Doe! I'm really looking forward to this trip. It will be nice to get out of Italy for awhile, and also visit parts of the United States I've never seen before.

letti said...

hey, nice photos. It's such a quaint place :)

Teri said...

Hi Ann--I lost you when the other blog ended, but somehow I found you again. Let me know if I can help you guys with your visit in the southwest!


Ann said...

Letti, thanks. I enjoyed Scotland, yes the area I visited seemed to be a quaint place, even in person, not only via photos. Would I ever go back to Scotland to visit? You bet, in a heartbeat! Next time around I would like to visit Edinburgh, Loch Ness (of course!). I found the Scottish people very nice, helpful and polite.

Teri, glad you found your way "back"! The shutdown of Blogcharm came rather sudden for everyone, didn't even have a chance to move all of my posts back to this blog which really sucks. Live and learn I guess for not having a backup.

Thanks for the offer! Seems our itinerary changes on an almost daily basis, but still in the same area and cities visited, just on different days. If anyone's interested, our myspace profile is:

Anonymous said...
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