Vigevano Italy photos

on Friday, January 25, 2008

I have not posted nor will I be posting much from now until the end of February due to my upcoming trip in two weeks. I beg your pardon. I've been rather busy trying to organize things for this trip. The main purpose of this trip is business, plus at the same time vacation. Killing two birds with one stone. Part of me is looking forward to this trip, two weeks away from Italy, the other part of me wishes this trip was over with. I will try to post some occasional photos that I had on my old blog.

These are some photos that we had taken on a trip back in 2002 to Vigevano Italy, shortly after I moved here. The church is in the center/downtown of Vigevano. The other photos are also downtown, on of part the main square and also of an old castle.

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J.Doe said...

great pictures!

longge said...
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