Gallup New Mexico

on Thursday, February 28, 2008

At the moment I am sitting in my motel room in Gallup New Mexico relaxing, alone after a very "interesting" week of traveling around the southwestern part of the United States. In the past week I have managed to visit Los Angeles, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Kingman Arizona, part of Route 66 from Kingman to Flagstaff Arizona. From Flagstaff we were off to Monument Valley and spent the night in Bluff Utah which is a small town in the middle of nowhere. Bluff has a population of not even 300 people. I am not going to be finishing off the rest of the trip with my other 2 travel mates along with 2 other gals due to some conflicts. So tomorrow I am hopping on a train from Gallup New Mexico to Los Angeles California. I will be arriving into Los Angeles on February 29th . Once I get back to Italy I will post some photos of my trip.

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Almost take off

on Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tomorrow morning bright and early at 10:15am my flight leaves Milan Malpensa airport. I'll be gone for a glorious two and a half weeks returning March 7th to the gloomy Milan area. I am going with two Italian friends playing translator since these two guys are unable to speak English. We arrive tomorrow evening in Los Angeles, then going to Death Valley, Las Vegas, checking out pieces of Route 66, the Grand Canyon, back onto Route 66, then Monument Valley, up to Mesa Verde then down into New Mexico, to Ski Apache near Ruidoso, White Sands, Las Cruces, across the southern part of Arizona then back to Los Angeles. Thankfully we have unlimited miles on the rental car! See you when I get back! Of course will post photos, but not till I return.

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Update on Project to the United States

on Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tonight I have a business meeting with the two guys that I will be going to the United States with. We were SUPPOSED to leave a week from today, on February 12th. One of the guys does not have his passport yet and will be checking with the proper authorities tomorrow morning bright and early. No tickets have been bought nor any reservations made. Man how I love Italian organization, or should I say lack thereof.....

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