on Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well peeps I am back from my "adventures" in the States, a few days early. I got into Milan Malpensa late Sunday night physically and mentally drained from a little over ten days bumping around the southwestern part of the United States, plus from all of the dramas that went on while I was there. Did I enjoy the places I visited while there? I honestly wish I could say I did, but unfortunately not. I did not actually get to relax a bit until I was in Gallup, alone and not having to deal with complete idiots. In a later posting I will follow up on the dramas that occurred. This posting I am just concentrating on some photos from my trip. The attached photos are from Death Valley, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Elephant Feet on the Navajo Nation, a couple of photos from Hackberry along Route 66, Flagstaff Arizona and Gallup New Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't have a great time, and that you ended your trip a few days early. It's sad when that happens for one reason or another.

Still, your photos are wonderful! I'd LOVE to see some of those places.

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Ann said...

Was showing the in-law's today the photos of my trip. My father-in-law did a "little" tour of the USA 50something years ago and would love to go back and do it again. He mentioned today that seeing the pictures brought back memories and his desire to see the same places again.

Ok it sucks that my trip didn't turn out the we had planned, but in the end I am sure something positive will or has come out of all of this.

FTXT said...
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