Pier 21

on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

*This is a post from my old blog that I was able to recover today.

Since my husband and I are looking at possibly/hopefully moving to Canada from Italy, have been looking online for information. Have found an interesting site about Pier 21, in Halifax, Canada. Pier 21 was to Canada like Ellis Island to the United States. Between 1928 and 1971 over one million immigrants entered Canada through Pier 21, plus 500,000 Canadian troops bound for Europe passed through Pier 21. In the 1920’s, Canada was desperate for farmers to worked the land. Canada encouraged immigration by offering land deals and advertising for farmers and farm hands in both Britain and the United States. Pier 21 was to welcome its last ship on March 28, 1971.On the official Pier 21 website, there are stories from immigrants and their families. Very interesting to read about what people went through in order to have a “better” life for themselves and their families. After the Second World War, Canada accepted more than one hundred thousand displaced people and refugees between the 1940’s and 1950’s. The majority of these people came to Canada with practically next to nothing. If you have a chance, check out Pier 21’s website and read some of the stories of the immigrants. As a North American, who’s ancestors immigrated from Europe to the United States to have a better life and more opportunities for their families, more opportunities than what may have been available at the time in Europe. It makes me appreciate more what my family went through, so I could have what I have today.If you have an immigrant story that you would like to share, whether yourself or someone in your family, moving to one country to another, please feel free to share your story in the comments.

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