The Black Forest

on Monday, April 07, 2008

Returned last night from spending the weekend in The Black Forest in Germany and watching a soccer (football) match in Basel Switzerland.  The match was Basel versus AC Bellinzona.  Basel won 3-1.

What were able to see of The Black Forest was absolutely beautiful.  We stayed at the Pension Vogelbacher which is near a little village called St. Blasien.  We were unable to do a lot of touring of the area due to having to be in Basel Switzerland by noon yesterday and we arrived late Saturday evening near St. Blasien. 

We arrived to the Pension Vogelbacher near St. Blasien Germany late Saturday night about 7pm due to being stuck in traffic in the German part of Switzerland because of a truck turning over in the Gotthard Road Tunnel.  We had to sit in traffic for over an hour.  The St. Gotthard Tunnel is the 3rd longest road tunnel in the world, just under 16.4 kilometers (10.5 miles).  The Gotthard has two lanes, one going each direction.  It's only 10.5 miles, but when you're a bit claustrophobic those 10.5 miles seem like 100!  Then on the way home last night, no accidents thankfully but ran into quite a bit of snow and a thunderstorm.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann. Thanks for dropping by. The Joy T. has good taste :-)

I haven't been blogging as much as usual the past couple of months but I do blog. I'll keep watch on yours. Hope you decide to come to Canada.

Love the pictures of the Black Forest area. Would love to tour Europe. I find it interesting how you can be in many countries in the same day. Not going to happen in Canada if you come here. Hope you decide on Alberta.

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I love this area of Germany. It is so picturesque. There are many pretty small towns and villages, just like you see on Christmas postcard pictures, especially when they are covered in snow.

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