Italy's New Prime Minister

on Tuesday, April 15, 2008

As you have more than likely heard by now Silvio Berlusconi has won the Italian elections and will serve AGAIN as Prime Minister of Italy. This will be Berlusconi's third time as Prime Minister.

Silvio Berlusconi is one of Italy's richest men. His man company is Mediaset which is made up of three national television channels. Then there's Arnoldo Mondadori, Italy's largest publishing house. He also owns the popular football (soccer) club AC Milan.

Do I think Silvio Berlusconi will be a good Prime Minister the third time around? I highly doubt it. Like ANY politician, no matter where, they are all talk and no action for the common person. One piece of legislation from one of Berlusconi's previous governments was the reform of the labor system, called "legge Biagi", promoting labor flexibility for new workers which lead to a record-low unemployment level. Yet at the same time, this Biagi law is one of the causes of the "uncertain job" problem affecting many people.

What is an "uncertain job" you ask? An uncertain job is basically a temporary job, with for example a six-month contract. In Italy it is difficult to find a job with a permanent contract. How is the Italian economy supposed to go forward and improve when one lives from one temporary job to the next.

Italy in my opinion needs a government with interests for the common people. Improve working conditions, wages and contracts. Reduce the number of politicians in Rome and decrease their salaries, investing the money saved into Education, Health Care and research, aim at keeping young, intelligent and creative minds in Italy, not forcing them to go abroad in order to earn an honest living in their chosen field. Italy and Italians have great potential but are limited by a government that only looks out after itself and not its citizens.

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J.Doe said...

T was surprised to find out that Berlusconi won. I thought that the majority of italians are against him.
Did they not vote?
I agree with you that a government should be for the people and not for itself.

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