Basilica di San Giovanni Battista

on Friday, May 30, 2008

Do you believe in angels, spirits, ghosts or anything similar?
This morning I went downtown Busto Arsizio to do some shopping and also to take some photos around town. I will be creating a slide show later and posting on YouTube so keep checking back. The photo I have posted turned out rather interesting. I took it inside a church downtown, in the Basilica di San Giovanni Battista (Basilica of Saint John the Baptist) which building was started back in 1600. The photo was taken looking towards the front of the church towards the alter with the flash. There was nothing between the camera and the front, no fingers, hair etc. This is an untouched photo, I have not done any adjustments with photoshop etc. I have no idea what the white could be. Any clues? Post what you think this could be.

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Italy Germany & Austria video

on Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here's the most recent slideshow I've created with various photos that my husband and I have taken around Italy, Germany and Austria.

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Death Valley Slideshow

on Monday, May 26, 2008

I've created another slideshow and have posted it on Youtube, this time around photos of Death Valley. Yes I can say am getting "addicted" Youtube and making photo slideshows! Stay tuned in the next days for some more slideshows. At the moment I am uploading a slideshow with various shots around Italy, Germany and Austria and creating another slideshow of Gradara Castle in Le Marche. Once the weather actually turns decent here, aka some sun and NO rain, hope to bop around town and make a slideshow of the town I call "home", Busto Arsizio.

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Photo slideshow on Youtube

on Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've created a slideshow with some of my photos from my most recent trip to the States back in February. Check it out!

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Rimini Italy

on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here are some more photos from my recent trip to Rimini Italy. These are along the Adriatic sea. Obviously low season, once the warmer weather sets it, if it ever does since it has been rather rainy wet and cooler than normal, this beach will be packed, especially in August. Why in August you may ask? In August Italian cities, towns and villages almost literally become ghost towns as everyone is on vacation/holiday for at least two to three weeks during August. Companies shut down with the exceptions of grocery stores, some pharmacies and gas/petrol stations. Basically the bare necessities. Many people flee their homes to pack the beaches, mountainsides or go abroad whether it is within Europe or over the oceans. Seems though this year, not as many may consider going abroad, especially to the United States. Yes the Euro is strong at the moment but MANY things have gone up. Things such as food, gas/petrol and salaries haven't risen to compensate for such an increase. How much of an increase you ask? In a matter of a couple of months, one liter of long shelf life milk went up about 20 euro cents. What is 20 cents you ask? For someone living on a limited budget 20 cents here twenty cents there adds up at the end of the month.

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Thoughts and Prayers

on Friday, May 16, 2008

I ask all of you, my fellow bloggers, to have my father-in-law in your thoughts and prayers in these days. He's just been admitted within the last hour or so into hospital. He was supposed to be scheduled to go in next week to have some exams done before having heart surgery this summer. Then he fell ill yesterday, with a high grade fever with no real reduction in temperature today. Considering he's 82, he had some years ago a bout of encephalitis and came out of that for the most part ok. So considering his age, minus the encephalitis, low blood pressure and damaged heart valve, he's been in relatively good health, at least during the last six years I've had the pleasure of knowing him. At 82 he's still able to speak three languages, has been independent and able to get around on his own and take care of himself. Let's all just hope that this is just a case of influenza or similar and that he pulls through ok!

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The Castle of Gradara

As I promised in a previous post, here are more photos from my trip last weekend to Rimini. These photos are from our Sunday stop in the village of Gradara. Gradara is a small village along the Adriatic coast near Rimini with a historic castle, The Castle of Gradara. The castle and village are located on the Italian regional borders of Le Marche and Emilia-Romagna.

The Castle of Gradara started out as a medieval keep built in 1150 by the De Grifo family to guard the town of Gradara. Eventually the local Malatesta lords obtained Gradara for themselves and turned the tower into a castle and protected it with an inner defense wall. The Malatesta family kept the castle for another two centuries and lost it to the Sforza family in 1464.

According to legend, Francesca da Rimini and her lover Paolo were murdered in the castle in 1289 by Francesca's husband Gianciotto. Paolo just happened to be Gianciotto's brother. When Gianciotto discovered that his brother had betrayed him and was having an affair with his wife, he murdered both Francesca and Paolo. This tragedy was immortalized by Dante in the fifth canto of The Inferno. Again, this is just a legend as there is no documentation to prove the truth of this story.

Today the Castle of Gradara belongs to the Italian State, purchased in 1928. Over the last twenty years restoration work has been done and continues to be done. Today, open to the public, are all of the rooms on the "piano nobile", the noble floor.

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Riccione Italy

on Monday, May 12, 2008

Just got back last night from spending the weekend in Rimini, Italy. The weather was sunny and gorgeous the entire weekend. We stayed just outside of Rimini, in a small tourist town of Torre Pedrera and the Adriatic Sea was a five minute walk from our hotel. Overall had a wonderful time, even though I am not much of a person to hang out at the beach. Saturday morning went with my father-in-law and brother-in-law to the nearby town of Riccione. Riccione is also located along the Adriatic Sea is a popular destination with young people due to the number of discos. Even during the day Riccione seems to be a hustling and bustling tourist town. I enjoyed the little time spent in Riccione, was a very clean town with a very different atmosphere, in a positive sense. These are some photos that I took Saturday morning of some statues in downtown Riccione. Keep checking back as in the next days I will be posting other photos from my trip this last weekend.

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Bellinzona Switzerland

on Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday my husband had to go to Bellinzona Switzerland for work and we went again on Sunday for lunch with my father-in-law and went to a football/soccer match, AC Bellinzona versus FC La Chaux-de-Fonds. AC Bellinzona won the match, 3-1. Tomorrow my husband is driving up to Vaduz Liechtenstein to see the match AC Bellinzona versus FC Vaduz, I will be staying home first I have to work tomorrow evening and second when my husband gets home on Friday morning we are off to the sea side for the weekend. We're going to Rimini, Italy which is along the Adriatic coast.

These photos are when we were in Bellinzona Switzerland last Wednesday. There are three three castles in Bellinzona; Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro. I visited a little bit of Castelgrande which is in downtown Bellinzona. Castelgrande as it exists today was built in various stages and work began back in the 14th century.

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