Basilica di San Giovanni Battista

on Friday, May 30, 2008

Do you believe in angels, spirits, ghosts or anything similar?
This morning I went downtown Busto Arsizio to do some shopping and also to take some photos around town. I will be creating a slide show later and posting on YouTube so keep checking back. The photo I have posted turned out rather interesting. I took it inside a church downtown, in the Basilica di San Giovanni Battista (Basilica of Saint John the Baptist) which building was started back in 1600. The photo was taken looking towards the front of the church towards the alter with the flash. There was nothing between the camera and the front, no fingers, hair etc. This is an untouched photo, I have not done any adjustments with photoshop etc. I have no idea what the white could be. Any clues? Post what you think this could be.

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The Mystery Maiden said...

It seems to fade on the lower left side... hmm... quite the mystery you have there! A really fast lightening bug?

They Mystery Maiden
Shot In The Dark

Ann said...

Hard to say Leigh, as far as I know no bugs at all flying around when I was in the church. Any other guesses as to what this mysterious light is anyone?

Frances said...

Looks pretty mysterious.
If you're an expat in Italy I bet you read my blog buddy Sognatrice's blog
She is totally fabulous.
So glad I happened upon your blog.

Ann said...

Hi Frances, I've read a time or two your blog buddy Sognatrice's blog. I need to catch up on my blog reading. Lately have been reading Canadian blogs, especially of those who have made the "big move".