Look what I found in my garage sink!

on Friday, June 27, 2008

Went downstairs to our garage to to an inventory of what is in our chest freezer, which there is nothing really interesting by the way.  Just happened to glance in the sink that is in the communal part of the underground parking area and look what I happened to find.  Yes it is real, not a toy.  Tried to poke at it a bit with a blade of grass to see if this what I believe to be a small octopus was alive, no movement.  We live in the city in a "heavily" populated area and the nearest body of water is the Ticino River which about 10 miles away.  How this octopus arrived in our sink, who knows.  Maybe someone went to the lake or river then decided to put him in the sink or who knows.....  A couple of years ago I found a snail on one of our balconies.  

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Arwen said...

It's a little baby octopus!!

Daisy said...

Yikes! Is that a real one??? Gross..

Rav`N said...

Most likely it's a former resident of someones fishtank and it died or something and they've tried to wash it down the sink... instead of flushing it down the toilet... a little baffling I guess.

Frances said...

Poor little octopi guy.
Found you on BlogExplosion.
See it really does work.
Till next time.

Ann said...

Yes this was a real octopus that was left in the sink. The next day when I went downstairs to the garage, the little guy was gone. Yes he/she/it was dead when I found it.

goldmourn said...

Thank you for the comment on one of my graffiti photo posts @ my journal. There ARE a lot of talented artists throughout this city in so many forms that at times it can be almost overwhelming!

This octopus post made me feel sad - the poor thing, left there in the sink.