Oleggio Italy

on Monday, June 23, 2008

This is a photo of a church in a cemetery near Oleggio Italy. We took this photo when we were out for a Sunday drive two years ago. I had posted this on my old now dead blog.  This photo ended up making, at least the online version, of the China Daily News. Why they decided to include this photo I do not know nor do I know what the article said about the photo and mention of my blog since I am unable to understand Chinese.  Evidently they liked the photo.  Enjoy!

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Mister Keep Fit said...

Hi Ann! Please see blatant plagiarism on the Impala Publications blog -


Best wishes,

James O'Fee

Maria said...

Hi Ann,
I just signed on to your blog last night and really enjoy reading your articles. Your slideshow was very nice. I was in Milano this past Sept-Oct visiting relatives in the Porta Romana area, very nice time. They are trying to get to move there to be closer. Born of Italian parents, I love Italy, but life there as well as in the states has changed good and bad.