Umberto Bossi flips the bird

on Monday, July 28, 2008

The following was on Ryan Air's Italian website with a photo of Italian Reforms Minister and Northern Leage party leader Umberto Bossi. This photo of Bossi was taken when he flipped "the bird" at the Italian National Anthem.

The Government
Supports the high tariffs of Alitalia
Supports the frequent strikes of Alitalia
Doesn't care about Italian passengers

Alitalia is Italy's flag carrier airline and has been having financial problems for a long time now. The Italian government in June gave Alitalia a 300 million euro loan.

I've flown Alitalia only once because they are the only airline that has a direct flight from Milan Malpensa to Chicago O'Hare. I now refuse to fly Alitalia for many reasons. Mainly because of their financial situation and many strikes. You MAY make it to your destination but who knows if you'll make your return flight.

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Italian passport

on Monday, July 21, 2008

I've had dual citizenship, American and Italian, for almost two years now. I officially became an Italian citizen September 1st, 2006 through marriage. After almost two years being too lazy to go down to the police station to apply for my Italian passport, I've finally done it. Picked up my Italian passport this morning. I went down to the police station two weeks ago today, was told my passport would be ready in two weeks. Sure enough, it was ready and waiting for me this morning.

Why did I wait almost two years to get my Italian passport? Up until now I haven't needed it so I figure why bother. Also, the Italian passport is more expensive compared to the American counterpart. I had to pay 44 euros and 66 cents for the passport, then an annual tax for every year I use it of 40 euros and 26 cents. So if I use it once a year for ten years, that's 402.60 euros in "taxes" plus the 44.66 I paid for the passport.

When I went down to the police station this morning to pick up my passport, the lady working normally works in the Foreigner office, she remembered me from the days when I had the Italian permit-to-stay so of course we had to chit chat for a couple of minutes. Jokingly she was like "Oh yes, that's right, you need the electronic passport to go to the United States.", knowing full well that I am American. I responded back "Yes, that's right, I forget that my American passport is sooo old."

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Italian Men

on Thursday, July 17, 2008

I was checked out while waiting for my apartment gate to open yesterday. I was coming home from the supermarket, parked in front of our gate waiting patiently for it to open. A man, around 40, drives by on his moped going the opposite direction as I. He smiles, tried to make eye contact and "appear" charming. All this while on his fancy moped. Evidently he's unable to flirt and drive his moped at the same time since he swerved and almost lost control of his moped. Yesterday was the first time, as far as I know, that I was checked out while driving my car.

I am no Claudia Schiffer or Naomi Campbell mind you. But that hasn't stopped the occasional male from trying to hit on me. It hasn't happened very often, but when it has it has always been an older man, seriously older. Have had a couple of men well beyond 60 from trying to hit on me. Wassup with that?!?!?!

Yes I am happily married and yes my husband just happens to be Italian. Does that make him the "stereotypical" Italian? I don't think so. Yes he is from Italy, born and raised here. Yes we live maybe a couple of kilometers from his parents. Yes he talks to his mother every day. Again, does that make him a stereotypical Italian? No. He is able to cook and clean when he wants, he is fully capable of doing that. Is he a mama's boy? No.

What do you think are some stereotypes of people from where you are from?

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Armenia & The Secret

on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This summer we have had a pretty calm and quiet so far. We've gone to a soccer/football match or two up in Switzerland to watch AC Bellinzona play. In fact my husband is leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Yerevan Armenia and returning Friday morning. I'll be staying home, I am not offended that I am unable to go. Work is work. We haven't planned any summer vacations as of yet. For sure not the first week in September since my father-in-law is having heart surgery.

On a different note, have you read the book or seen the documentary The Secret? If not, it is about the Law of Attraction and thinking positive. Personally I enjoyed the book the best, had some very good points, especially about thinking positive. I have been thinking negative for way too long and has thus affected my life. Day by day I am thinking more and more positive. Do I believe in the Law of Attraction? Yes I do. Do you? Do you have a "success story" you would like to share after reading/seeing The Secret?

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Independence Day

on Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July/Independence Day to everyone, whether you're in the United States or an American living abroad! I am usually asked either by my students or people I talk to here in Italy what are the traditional "customs" for today's holiday and whether or not I celebrate America's Independence here in Italy.

The first year or two I was here in Italy my Italian husband and I would "celebrate" American holidays such as Thanksgiving and the 4th of July/Independence Day. Sometimes his family would be more than accommodating and join in on the "celebration". As the years have come and gone, we've celebrated American holidays less and less to the point now American holidays are just another day that are only briefly mentioned.

Am I less "American" because of this? No I do not feel that I am. I still vote in every election. I still cook American cuisine along with Italian and whatever else finds itself into the pot. Do I miss celebrating holidays like Independence Day or Thanksgiving? You bet I do, but I live in Italy now, not the United States of America. Halloween is starting to become "trendy", but is nothing like in the United States. It's an American holiday. Yes Christmas is celebrated in Italy since Italy is a Christian/Catholic country, but Italians have their own customs.

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