Armenia & The Secret

on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This summer we have had a pretty calm and quiet so far. We've gone to a soccer/football match or two up in Switzerland to watch AC Bellinzona play. In fact my husband is leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Yerevan Armenia and returning Friday morning. I'll be staying home, I am not offended that I am unable to go. Work is work. We haven't planned any summer vacations as of yet. For sure not the first week in September since my father-in-law is having heart surgery.

On a different note, have you read the book or seen the documentary The Secret? If not, it is about the Law of Attraction and thinking positive. Personally I enjoyed the book the best, had some very good points, especially about thinking positive. I have been thinking negative for way too long and has thus affected my life. Day by day I am thinking more and more positive. Do I believe in the Law of Attraction? Yes I do. Do you? Do you have a "success story" you would like to share after reading/seeing The Secret?

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gerriward said...

You have a very interesting blog!
You are sooo lucky to live in Italy, right next to MILAN, OOOh I envy you! Ps. I hope your father in law is doing well after his surgery!

Ann said...

Thanks Gerriward! My father-in-law has his surgery in September. If I remember correctly the beginning of the month.

Yes I live about 20 milesish from Milan, the fashion capital. Seeing from your blog, you'd probably be in 7th heaven. I am not much of a fashion expert, but I believe that the best Italian shoes come from the Florence area. The area I live in is more known for their textiles. But like many things, many companies have outsourced to China.

longge said...
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