Independence Day

on Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July/Independence Day to everyone, whether you're in the United States or an American living abroad! I am usually asked either by my students or people I talk to here in Italy what are the traditional "customs" for today's holiday and whether or not I celebrate America's Independence here in Italy.

The first year or two I was here in Italy my Italian husband and I would "celebrate" American holidays such as Thanksgiving and the 4th of July/Independence Day. Sometimes his family would be more than accommodating and join in on the "celebration". As the years have come and gone, we've celebrated American holidays less and less to the point now American holidays are just another day that are only briefly mentioned.

Am I less "American" because of this? No I do not feel that I am. I still vote in every election. I still cook American cuisine along with Italian and whatever else finds itself into the pot. Do I miss celebrating holidays like Independence Day or Thanksgiving? You bet I do, but I live in Italy now, not the United States of America. Halloween is starting to become "trendy", but is nothing like in the United States. It's an American holiday. Yes Christmas is celebrated in Italy since Italy is a Christian/Catholic country, but Italians have their own customs.

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speak in doodles said...

I loved that song that was playing in your photo slide show! I think being American is a mental thing. Celebrating holidays doesn't unnecessary prove anything.
inspirational cartoons ^_^

J.Doe said...

Happy July 6 (when I am writing this comment) Hope you had a nice Independence day though. When i was living in Florence the American expat community often had a BBQ.

cls said...


I remember an earlier posting you made asking about immigration possibilities to Canada, etc. A few days ago in the Independent newspaper, there was an article about an Alberta cabinet minister coming to the UK to try and get people to immigrate to his province. You may want to consider that option. If it turned out Alberta wasn't to your liking you could move elsewhere. The immigration process has recently changed to fast track folks who want to come to the country. I'm afraid I don't understand the details but I suspect that the cabinet minister's trip to the UK is linked to these changes.
I hope this is of some use to you.


Ann said...

Cara, thanks for the information. At the moment moving to Canada is on hold. First I am taking a break from looking for computer technician positions for my husband. Competition is pretty stiff and employers tend to hesitate bringing someone over the ocean when they can find someone locally. Second my husband has been keeping busy with a big client of his that is activly involved with the soccer/football team AC Bellinzona, which is the football/soccer team for Bellinzona Switzerland. So it is hard to say at this moment in time when/if we'll make it over the Atlantic puddle to Canada. I sure hope so!