on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We've been housesitting for about a week and half now for my husband's parents. They'll be back on Saturday, thankfully. They are at the moment in Rimini at the seaside. EVERY year we have the "honor" of taking care of the in-law's place and thankfully they live only a couple of miles from our place so if we ever need anything from our apartment it is not a problem. This year is a bit different compared to years gone by. First my in-law's are only gone two weeks instead of the usual three. Second, their beloved family dog passed away in January, so no dog to take care of.

I haven't posted anything recently due to doing not a whole heck of a lot while housesitting plus having a lousy internet connection. Today is the first time the internet connection has been somewhat decent. Then again, consider at the moment I'm using a laptop in my in-law's 2nd floor apartment and the wifi connection is down in my husband's basement office. I'm just thankful to have an internet connection.

For those of you who are searching for "Bellinzona Italy", hate to burst your bubble but Bellinzona is in SWITZERLAND not Italy. Bellinzona is in the Italian part of Switzerland in the Canton of Ticino. Nice little town, we've been there a few times and probably more in the future to watch the local football/soccer team, AC Bellinzona, play.

August is over half way finished already, where as the time gone? For many Italians this is their last week of vacation and back to work next week. I've had the last week and a half off due to all of my students being on vacation. Tomorrow I start back to teaching. This week a whole three lessons, then next week more. As usual, I have lost a couple of students along the way, which is pretty normal with private students. Plus I have also decided to up my rates for new students from 15 euros to 20 euros an hour. This is the first time I've increased my rate since I started teaching English five years ago. Prices have gone up on everything, including paper, ink for my printer/photocopier. I have to earn a living somehow. If you are IN Italy or another country teaching English and looking for advice, you are more than welcome to ask advice. If you are looking to MOVE here to teach English, especially if you are coming from outside the European Union, it is not so easy.

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Irtiza said...

ya, i think it was fair to increase ur rate...

by the way, my mom teaches english in bangladesh.

Anonymous said...

Do you miss us here in America? We sure miss Venice! We went to Rome also (later posts ;-) But I liked Venice the best!

I should have done a lot more shopping!

It is amazing how many people there spoke a least a little English we spoke Muy Picto (Spanish I know) Italian - Brother-in-Law was assigned Italian we had French - We all Failed!

Thank goodness most of the people we met were nice we were able to communicate with broken Italian/English/Hand Gestures :0

Ann said...

Yes there are times that I do miss the States, but at the same time there are things I don't miss. When I first moved to Italy, I would compare the two countries a lot. Six years later I make a hard effort NOT to compare the two. The United States and Italy are two completely different countries and one cannot compare the two. Certain things in the U.S. may be better and same goes for Italy. One country is not superior to the other. On occasion I may have offended an Italian or two by saying this, but they turn out to the be the type of person who has not travelled outside of Italy that much, if at all. Then again, there are Americans, like anywhere else in the world that can be just as ignorant and haven't left the States.

Italians are pretty forgiving when it comes to the language. As long as you try to communicate and understand, even if your Italian is absolutely horrible, Italians appreciate that and acknowledge that. You may even find an Italian or two that will come right out and say that it is even hard to find an Italian that speaks a perfect Italian.