on Monday, October 20, 2008

Gratitude - Appreciation or thankfulness - positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit one has received or will receive.

What are YOU grateful for today? List in the comments of this post of at least five things you are grateful for today.

10/22/08 Update - Are you up for a challenge?  I dare you to write down, either here or on a sheet a paper, every day for a week straight, things that you are grateful for.

Things that I am grateful for:

1. I am happy for the wonderful lunch date my husband and I had yesterday. It was a gorgeous day outside, perfect for getting out of the house and into the Italian countryside.
2. I am grateful now that I am at the half-way point in my Christmas shopping. Four people down, four to go. I am thankful I have started early and not postponing until the last moment.
3. I am grateful I am over my cold and feeling healthy.
4. I am happy and thankful for a beautiful day outside.
5. I am happy and grateful for having such a wonderful and caring husband.

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Grandy said...

That's a great list of things to be grateful for.

I'm grateful for fall, and the beautiful colors of the leaves. :)

Irtiza said...

hi ann,

i had a pretty rough day today. so picking out 5 thinks that i'm grateful for today is a hard job. but i'll give it a try...

1. i'm gratefull 4 being alive

i dont know what else to write...sorry.

but your post has really done a wonderful job for me. it has made me think all the things i've done today- mostly wrong things.

thanks and peace

Chunks of Reality said...

I am grateful for:

1) Finding your blog.
2) Having a day of rest today.
3) Having a wonderful daughter and husband.
4) Having the sweetest poodle in the world.
5) Having time to actually state what I'm grateful for.


Mik said...

I am grateful for:

1. My beautiful wife sitting across from me on her computer.

2. The three step-kids I got when I married.

3. The nine grand kids we have.

4. A wonderful family both in the US & the UK.

5. Being healthy.

Ann said...

Today, Tuesday October 21st 2008 I am grateful for:
1. Another beautiful day
2. Having such great blogger friends
3. My job
4. Internet access so I can keep in touch with my friends around the globe
5. My growing sock drawer "bank account"

Kim said...

Great list and a lovely blog!
I am grateful for the many new things I find each day that keep life interesting and exciting.

Have a wonderful week!

Dori said...

I love your list and I'm glad that your cold is gone :-)

I'm grateful for:
1. Being alive
2. My sweet husband
3. This beautiful day
4. My ballot finally arrived today :)

Ori said...

I'm grateful because
1. I'm alive
2. I read your posting and
3. It changed my way of thinking of having a bad day
4. I feel positive afterwards
5. I feel now I can sleep well tonight :)

One of a Kind Wis said...

1) Eli 2) Eikki 3) Terry 4) Senja 5) Julian - grateful for my five kids...
and one more thing
6) grateful to be able to work at home

Jacqueline said...

Let me see...I'm thankful for
1. My wonderful husband.
2. A warm and loving home.
3. A healthy body.
4. My private backyard.
5. The fact that I'm still hopeful.

Now...that WAS refreshing. I must write it down more often. :-)

J.Doe said...

Well, since I'm usually late in everything I do, I'll list the stuff I'm grateful for for yesterday, 10-21-08
1. That loud sound I heard while driving was only a flat tire. I didn't do any rim damage or destroy my "new" used card.
2. My 8 month old daughter and I were OK
3. The pacifiers I had calmed down my daughter and ended her tears. Too bad they don't come in adult sizes.
4. Not all drivers in Hillsborough NJ are as stupid as that shmuck pickup truck driver who told me to 'move my car out of the road" after I explained that I had a flat tire.
5. AAA showed up in 10 minutes instead of the 60 minutes I was quoted on the phone.
6. The majority of NJ drivers are not idiots who honk at a car with it's emergency flashers for only driving 35 mph on a 40 mph roads with 1 or 2 lanes. Although as a side note ALL of the idiots who did honk at me were from Hillsborough, NJ
7. My 8 month old daughter and I made it home OK
8. My wonderful husband who left work early to make sure his wife and daughter were OK. I love him!!
9. Chianti.

It's a lot more than 5 things but even on bad days you can find positive things. :)
I'm glad you are feeling better too

Ann said...

My list for today:
1. Thankful to hear J. Doe & her daughter are ok.
2. Thankful that my husband is more technological at times that me. Almost had a heart attack in fear that my iPod was on the fritz. I am rather attached to my iPod.
3. Grateful that I have a lottery ticket bought for tomorrow night's SuperEnalotto. The jackpot is up to 100 million Euros (roughly $129 MILLION, yes you read right). This is the highest jackpot in the history of the SuperEnalotto. Let's hope I have the winning numbers!
4. A relaxing/lazy day
5. Endless supply of caffeine & nicotine

Expat Traveler said...

We had a beautiful morning just like that photo!

Now I'm quite curious to know why you want to move to Canada?

I am enjoying Victoria a lot so far.

Ann said...

Expat Travels, I forget, what part of Switzerland are you from? Victoria BC, I can imagine that is a gorgeous area. I have heard that BC is a beautiful place. Do you miss Switzerland?

We want to move to Canada for several reasons. First to move to an English speaking country, outside of Europe. Australia is too far away, my husband will not move to the United States mainly due to the health system and the state of the economy. So that leaves Canada. The wide-open spaces, the mentality, the opportunities, less traffic, less pollution. Canada is similar to the US but different

Daniel Hunt said...

Ann, it's a great thought, Gratitude, thanks for reminding everyone, including me.. it's so easy to forget..

Mizé said...

I´ve been sick but today I´m feeling better. I´m greatful for that and my daughter didn´t caught this flu.
Italy comes in my list of "countries to visit", someday. I like your pictures, sometimes places are looked like Portugal.
Thanks for visiting my blog Night Clicks trough Entrecard. I have other blogs too.
All the best.

Talk2myCPA said...

Hi just dropping by ti say "hi".

from one of your daily EC dropper!



Shinade said...

Hi Ann,
How fun!!

1. I am grateful for today.
2. I am grateful for my wonderful husband of 26 years.
3. I am grateful that I am finally getting over being sick.
4. I am grateful for my friends.
5. I am grateful that I am getting a new camera this week end.

That was wonderful....great topic and great post.

Hope you have a great day today:-)

Ann said...

Today is October 23rd 2008 and I am grateful for:
1. My house is pretty much clean. I accomplished 2 days of cleaning in 1 day.
2. I have time to play "catch up" on emails that I haven't responded to.
3. My blog visitors and regularly comment. I love comments!
4. That I have been able to list daily the last 4 days what I am grateful for. Have you?
5. I have some time to catch up on blog reading.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for (not in any special order)

*my husband (the only one I love)
*my stationary bike
*my yoga equipment and how good my work-outs make me feel.
*I have a roof over my head and food on my plate

These are the things I am grateful for.

J.Doe said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for being happy that me and my daughter are OK.
The things IO'm grateful for are
1. Your blog. Always an entertaining read with good posts.
and now back to my daily lateness
commenting about yesterday
2. I'm glad that the tires on my car are standard and that I didn't have to special order them
3. That Sam's club doesn't require appointments.
4. my wonderful husband
5. my wonderful daughter who still smiles at me every day even though I make her go to sleep (she hates naps and going to sleep at night. She cries like I'm murdering her each time)

Carol King said...

Hi Ann, great post.
I am grateful for...
A great day with my students.
Being at home and relaxing.
The extra income I attracted this week.
Being able to work from home.
The brilliant sunshine we had today.

Writing things to be grateful for daily is not a challenge for me as I do this daily anyway. It is a wonderful way to put aside the things that we do not like and focus on the things that bring us joy.

Irtiza said...

hi ann, i am linking to this post. hope you dont mind...

Irtiza said...

Today the answer could be something like this-
1. I don’t have to spend the night outside in the cold.
2. I don’t have to get wet as I have a roof over my head.
3. I won’t have to go to bed with an empty belly.
4. I can cover myself with a clean blanket.
5. If I still need another blanket I can fetch one from the locker.

Ann said...

What I am grateful for today:
1. A day without rain
2. Almost being finished with my new blog template.
3. Great friends
4. Reservations are made at a B&B in Switzerland for this weekend.
5. This post to remind me to think what I am grateful for.