Lucerne Switzerland trip

on Friday, October 31, 2008

Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Lucerne Switzerland for the weekend and will return late Sunday evening.  So I obviously will be offline starting from this evening until bright and early Monday morning.  

I am really looking forward to going to Lucerne.  This will be my first trip there.  We are going to be going to a football/soccer match on Sunday afternoon but also playing tourists as well.  

On the way to Lucerne we have to go through the Gotthard Road Tunnel, which is the third longest tunnel in the world.  The tunnel is about 10.5 miles long (16.4 kilometers).  We had to go through the Gotthard this spring when we went to Basel Switzerland.  I can handle going through a relatively short tunnel, a mile/kilometer or less.  But when we're talking miles/kilometers of tunnel and if you're claustrophobic...... But in the end it will be worth it though, visiting Lucerne.  

Lucerne Switzerland first and foremost is considered a touristic town along the shores of Lake Lucerne.  There is the famous landmark, the Chapel Bridge, which is a wooden bridge originally built in the 14th century.  

Mt. Pilatus isn't very far away from Lucerne.  We were thinking of taking the Pilatus Railway, the world's steepest cogwheel railway from Alpanchstad to the top of Mt. Pilatus, till we seen the price tag.  Then again, considering in that area, like in many places, it has snowed recently so I highly doubt the cogwheel railway is in operation at the moment.  

Next week, hopefully Monday or Tuesday, I will start posting photos from our trip to Lucerne Switzerland.  

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J.Doe said...

have a nice trip and if you are not driving close your eyes during the time in the tunnel.

Mrs. Mecomber said...

Oh that sounds so wonderful! I have hopes of visiting that area someday, to visit L'Abri. Please post photos if you take any! Switzerland is so beautiful. Enjoy your trip.

Kelson said...

OK, third try. I'm just not going to try using preview, since it seems to eat the posts.

I visited Lucerne 9 years ago as part of a tour. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip, including the time I just wandered around the city and the old city walls. We stayed at one of the hotels up at the top of Mt. Pilatus, and I still use a photo of the view as the desktop background on one of my computers. I'm not sure how the price compares, but if you don't want to take the rail up to the summit, you can probably take the cable car.

I've got some photos from that trip on my website, including 7 from Lucerne and Mt. Pilatus. (The one I'm using as wallpaper wasn't one of mine, though, but someone else's who had a better camera.)

Kelson said...

Um... never mind about the cable. I just looked at the website and saw that the aerial tram is down for maintenance. Sorry.

Irtiza said...

have a nice and safe trip. wish u all the best

Ann said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and well wishes. We had a wonderful trip, even if the weather wasn't so sunny.

We weren't able to make it to the top of Mt. Pilatus due to a lack of time, and also the weather was rather foggy so even if we would have gone to the top we wouldn't have been able to see much anyways.

Enjoy the photos I've posted and will be posting!