Good News

on Monday, March 30, 2009

Have you read or heard any positive news stories recently? It seems all we are bombarded with from the various media sources are negative stores. Whether the stories are about war, the economic situation, crime etc. Of course hearing such negativity constantly on a 24/7 basis is enough to bring anyone down, maybe even to the point of depression.

Let's put a stop to this! Please share your good stories!

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Martin in Bulgaria said...

Like you I can't be doing with bad vibe merchants. There are many good stories about, I for one have nothing but good news in my day to day life. It is a case of not letting other negative dudes spoil the party. Hope you can do the same Ann

Expat Traveler said...

Love the title of your post and totally agree! :) My good news, I finished my antibiotics and am drug free this week... yeah, I'm seriously jumping for joy with more energy.

(It could be a great time to by a house..laughs)

J.Doe said...

Well negative stories in the media sell newspapers and boost ratings, positive ones don't so unless you have internet access you'll never even find out about the good stories, or even the same 'nagative' stories with a positive twist. An example is the Octomom lady in CA with 14 kids. 2 more of the octuplets, #5 and #6 went home today. I bet they are very happy to be in the arms of a mother who wanted them instead of the cold plastic of the hospital incubators.
There is a silver lining to even negative stories.

The Astral Cowboy said...

I went to Coach Darryl Royal's Pickin' party last week! Amazing music...Texas history being made. Hope to do some posts soon cuz I've been having too much fun to blog.

My wife, Arlene, has some fun stuff from SXSW on her site.

Dear Expat Traveler...Welcome back to life!

For all the darkness, anger and treachery in the world, there is just as much wonder, beauty and creation to balance it.

Much love.

The Astral Cowboy said...

P.S. It's Erik from

Mizé said...

I´m back!
Been without Internet since 17th but now I have a new connection.
Your post reminds me why I decided to turn off the TV at dinner during the news. You know what? I don´t miss it :)
Passing by to return drops and wish you a good week!

acai supplements said...

On there is an article about the economic reports coming out this week and the positive numbers that should be released.

Ann said...

Martin - thanks for the encouragement sir!

Jenn - Yeahhh no more antibiotics!!! If you have the bucks to buy a house, you could probably get one for obviously cheap.

J. Doe - That is so true, and you have to search for them.

Erik - Sounds like you had a great time! Good for you! Any news on the Canadian front?

Mize - Being back on the internet, good news for you! Yeah! We actually have put our television in storage. The last time we turned it on was for the soccer/football World Cup when it was Italy versus France.

Acai - Let's up the numbers are a permanent positive.

Romancing Italy said...

Well, I'm sort of hemorrhaging money, but I AM GOING ON VACATION TO GREECE...another place I've always wanted to visit. I am painfully excited. But that is good news, right? Doing something I've wanted to do? YES!!!!!

Internation Musing said...

Got a new job.)!
Will have a break in May and will visit Milano.)!
We adopted a little stray dog 6 months ago, ill and neglected, only 5 or 6 weeks old, and the vet told; this is a healthy and happy dog now.)!

Ann said...

Bev - you lucky dog you! Will this be your first trip to Greece? Have a wonderful time, have never been there, yet anyways, but can imagine you will have a great time.

Hans - Congratulations on the new job, best of luck to you! How long are you going to be visiting Milan? I hope you're going to be able to visit other sites in addition to Milan. You can visit the majority of the interesting places in Milan in about a day. Otherwise, rent a car or hop on the train and see other sites as well. Enjoy your trip!

Bev said...

Yep, first time. Greece was in the program for me...well, until I met A and stayed here instead. So a visit it will be.

Internation Musing said...

Dear Ann,
Only for a couple of days. But I've been to Milan many times, de facto, I lived in La Spezia and worked in Italy for 1 year and spent my childhood holidays every summer in N. Italy.

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