on Monday, April 20, 2009

After transferring everything over to my new blog on Wordpress, I discovered that Wordpress.com, for the free blogs, does not allow the Entrecard widget on Wordpress blogs. For the most part I enjoy Entrecard and I am grateful for the traffic and new actual readers to my blog. So giving up Entrecard at the moment is a tough decision. I think that I will for the moment keep the two blogs, start spending less time on Entrecard and concentrate more on quality content on my blog. I have been spending way too much unproductive time recently on the internet when I should be concentrating on items of importance, on and offline.

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Change of Address

on Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am in the process of moving my blog over the Wordpress. My new blog can be found here, so please update your links accordingly. I've had my Blogger blog for sometime now, I wanted a cleaner template and I'm no expert when it comes to HTML so I figured why not give Wordpress a try. Please excuse the mess while I transfer everything.

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on Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you use Twitter? If you do, why?

I haven't been on Twitter all that long and am starting to get the hang of it, still learning the ropes though. I am still learning how to fully exploit, in a positive sense of course, everything Twitter can offer. I am using Twitter to meet new people and make new friends/connections all over the world.

If you use Twitter, what do you enjoy most about it?

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Earthquake in Italy

on Monday, April 06, 2009

Just to let everyone know my computer technician and I are okay. If you haven't heard the news, a earthquake hit near the city of L'Aquila this morning. At this point in time there are at least 150 dead and another 1,500 injured, 100,000 homeless. The earthquake measured in at 6.3.

According to an article on CNN, there was also another earthquake near Bologna last night. Again, we felt nothing here in our area, thankfully.

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Great News for Riace Italy

on Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A couple of days ago I mentioned about wishing there were more stories out there that were positive. First thanks to everyone who commented with their own personal good news! Second, today I stumbled upon an article posted on an Italian news website in English.

Immigration has been a hot topic for awhile now here in Italy, like many places around the word, especially in today's global economic crisis. There is a lot of hostility felt towards immigrants, for example those that are coming from Romania and other Eastern European countries. Some people feel that the wave of immigration, whether legal or illegal, has caused an increase in crime. Whether this is true I do not know. I honestly think that the media is concentrating too much on the crimes committed by foreigners therefore making it seem as if the crime rate in Italy has increased.

There is a positive side to this though, immigration. There is a small seaside town in Calabria, Riace, which is located in southern Italy, that seems to be going against the norm in regards to hostile feelings towards immigrants. Thanks to immigrants, Riace is still on the map.

The Calabrian regional government is funding a project to help immigrants by providing housing, training and jobs. Thanks to the project, several crafts workshops have opened in Riace, helping preserve ancient craft traditions. Workshops specializing in for example glass, pottery and fabric.

Riace's population has steadly diminished over the years. People fleeing in search of work. So these new residents of Riace are helping save this little village of about 400 people from a possible extinction.

This project has been so sucessful that the regional government of Calabria is now working on a law that could help place new life into towns that are fading away throughout the south.

Go Riace and Calabria! May you set an outstanding example for Italy, the world and humanity!

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March 2009 Entrecard Top Droppers

I would like to Thank my top droppers for the month of March. I hope you stop by and check them out and give them some drop love.

In March I was not able to drop on Entrecard as much as I would have liked, due to getting my new baby, my new 20" iMac and also for awhile my Firefox was really dragging. I hadn't emptied my cache in who knows how long so therefore really slowing down Firefox. My computer technician was so kind to empty it for me. I now how to do it and am back to dropping like before.

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