Blog housekeeping

on Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have been REALLY neglecting both of my blogs lately, I admit it. This one and also my wordpress blog . Have been busy cleaning my apartment, had let it fall into disarray for way too long and as a result let my blogs fall by the wayside. Then my mother passed away in June so spent two weeks in the United States. Since I've been back in Italy the temperatures have been very high. Today finally sat my backside down and decided to spend some time working on my blogs. On this one went through all of my posts and deleted all of the spam comments and also the Canadian Carders Entrecard list. If you were on this list, you can go ahead and remove the Canadian Carder badge from your blog. The list wasn't very successful and with people coming and going on Entrecard... Plus I want to eventually totally do away with this blog and use only my wordpress blog, but want to stay on at Entrecard. When will it ever be possible to have a free wordpress blog on Entrecard?

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